At Neos Zoe you will receive a FREE Neuromuscular Evaluation that includes a full-body assessment, muscular strength, flexibility assessments and other assessments for the body parts that are causing trouble.

Your massage would incorporate the following modalities:

Medical Massage combines the best of Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, Neuro-muscular Therapy, Passive Joint Range of Motion and Muscle Flexibility Stretching. By assessing musculoskeletal dysfunctions, myofascial restrictions and postural deviations, medical massage techniques can help bring the body back into balance, relieve stress, and eliminate muscular discomfort.

Swedish Massage is a general, systemic manipulation of the soft tissues of the body to induce a state of deep relaxation and blood circulation. It is a perfect way for anyone who is overly worked and stressed out to relax their body and mind.

Shiatsu translates as “finger pressure” and is a deep tissue style massage. It is performed without oils through light, comfortable clothing. It reduces stress and contributes to overall well-being and has both preventative and remedial effects.

Reflexology A compression massage applied to the feet and hands that stimulate the reflex zones and helps restore the body’s normal physiological functions, reduces tension, alleviates the effects of stress, and assists in bringing greater balance to the body and mind.

Chair Massages are invigorating massages that renew the body, relieve stress, and offer many health and emotional benefits. Create an oasis of relaxation in the midst of your busy work day in our nurturing environment or at your location.


The science of Nutrition and Holistic Health seeks to establish and maintain homeostasis through the optimization of the human body’s innate biological processes, the prevention and correction of nutritional deficiency risk factors.

Our Clinical Nutritionists assess a person’s nutritional needs through the interpretation of dietary analysis including all medications and supplements, case history, anthropomorphic measurements, physical signs, pH testing, medical laboratory tests if they are available, lifestyle evaluation and personal goals.

We will customize a program suitable for your individual needs. We teach people to achieve and maintain optimal health through the use of food, water, specialized dietary programs, nutritional supplements, lifestyle modifications, and wellness counseling.

* Results will vary depending on the individual’s mindset and willingness to adapt to their customized health and wellness program.

Our Clinical Nutritionists work with a diverse clientele and pride ourselves in providing customized protocol plans to meet your specific needs. We are accustomed to working with individuals, families and groups. We may conduct sessions either in our office, your workplace, your home, by phone or online depending on your unique needs.

We are committed to support and motivate you every step of the way. Our Clinical Nutritionists can help you to maintain your healthy:

  • Blood Sugar
  • Lipid Metabolism
  • Circulation
  • Joints
  • Mood
  • Cellular Environment
  • Digestion & Elimination
  • Respiration
  • Immunity
  • Vision
  • Energy

Learn healthy ways to:

  • Lose Weight
  • Eliminate Stress
  • Detoxify Your Body
  • Relieve Muscular Discomfort
  • Rejuvenate your skin, hair & nails

And more.

Sports nutrition is very important in many sports training regimens, especially strength and endurance sports. Our Clinical Nutritionists will customize a protocol utilizing specialized dietary programs including fluid intake requirements, nutritional supplements, and a focus on organic substances such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Our Clinical Nutritionists can assist you to optimize your nutrition before any competition. We can provide education; make necessary recommendations and schedules for proper carbohydrate loading that may aid your muscle endurance before your next sporting event


Kinesiology measures homeostasis in the body. It is a form of muscle testing that combines information from both the nervous system and acupuncture meridians that can alert our Clinical Nutritionists to unhealthy imbalances in the body. It can also be used to assist in determining if an individual may have food intolerances or allergies to certain foods. It can help verify if a particular food has a positive or negative effect on an individual resulting in achieving homeostasis. By utilizing kinesiology we can customize the proper dosage of supplements and herbs that can help you meet your health and wellness goals.


Our Clinical Nutritionists can accompany you through your local grocery store. We can observe what you normally purchase and educate you on the importance of reading packaging labels to help you determine if a particular food would help or hinder your personal health goals. We can then make alternative food suggestions to assist your body in the optimization of your overall health.


Healers act as a conduit for healing energy, often described as “love and light” which relaxes the body, releases tensions, stimulates self-healing. The benefits of healing can be felt on many levels, not just the physical, and the effects can be profound. Energy healing modalities involve the transfer and direction of universal life force energy to help clear, correct, strengthen and balance one’s energy field and pathways to facilitate, support and speed the healing processes.


Reiki benefits the body, mind, emotions, and spirit for the receiver of this unique and powerful healing energy by restoring balance to the 7 major chakras in the body. This technique is fully-clothed, is non-invasive, does not manipulate the body, and is great for reducing discomfort and stress while giving the recipient a safe and comforting touch. The benefits can be accomplished long distance.


Jin Shin Jyutsu harmonizes life energy within the body. It is not a physical manipulation of tissue and uses only minimal pressure. Fingers and hands are used as “jumper cables”, contacting 26 “safety energy locks” to redirect or unblock the flow of energy along its pathways. It helps eliminate stress, relieves discomforts, and creates emotional balance.


The client sits in a chair full-clothed. Polarity techniques are utilized by stimulating points with light touch using hands or fingers to balance energy pathways within the entire body. For areas of special concentration, trigger point therapy may also be used. This aids in the relief of neck, shoulder and back discomforts, and stress.


Maryann Castello, an ordained minster, can officiate weddings for the marriages of friends and family, as well as perform other religious services; baptisms, blessings and counseling sessions.